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IT’S Coming!  The Great, Exotic, Everything Must GO

IMG_1308… DreamWrights Annual Yard Sale

Opportunities Abound!  You can Donate … Help – Set Up, Organize, Mark, Sell … OR Buy!

It’s  a great way to give away things that you are no longer using, but are still usable … and make a contribution to DreamWrights at the same time.

If you have a few hours to volunteer to carry, unpack, display, price and/or sell – you will have fun, and won’t have to go to the gym that day.  We will be working  Monday the 25th 10 – 2, and Tuesday thru Thursday 9-8.  Donations may be dropped off Monday thru Wednesday.

The SALE runs Friday May 29th 9-5, and Saturday May 3rd 9-3.  There will be books, furniture, toys, puzzles, flowers, pictures, jewelry, kitchenware, linens, sporting goods, collectibles, antiques, etc.  In short … Treasures both big and small!

See you at the SALE!

PS – Don’t forget  … Auditions for Twelfth Night this Tuesday or Wednesday 6:00 pm.


Singing in the Rain…Forest


Would you … like to spend two weeks in a Rainforest this summer?


Would you … like to be a singing three toed Sloth named Sylvia or Simian?

Would you … like to be Tilly or Terrence the dancing Tree Frogs?

Would you … like to be Emily or Ernie the Emerald Boa Constrictor?

Would you … like to be Bernice or Barney Butterfly,  Tara or Tyler Toucan, Camilla or Carlton Cock of the Rock, Mazy or Max Monkey?DSC_0933-1

Would you … like to have enough money to buy anything you want?DSC_0944-1

Would you … like to work for the above very wealthy person?

Would you … like to be the child of the above very wealthy person?

If you have answered yes to any of the above DreamWrights has an opportunity for you!  Our Playwright in Residence has researched and written a brand new Musical for this summers Production Camp.   It is called SINGING IN THE RAIN … FOREST.DSC_0941-1

This exciting story takes us deep into the Rainforest of Central America.  We meet some of the native animal population who live in total harmony with each other and their surroundings … until the humans arrive.  The active chatter, singing, rustling, that is the norm, falls immediately silent.  People have been here before.  The animals have learned to be afraid.

Mrs. Doloarz, a wealthy destination resort investor, her entourage and her small child arrive and she says/sings … “I can see It!”  We can’t tell you anymore without ruining the story.

So you have two choices.  ONE – If you are between the ages of 7 and 17 you can register for DreamWrights’ Musical Production Camp #11, which runs from June 29 thru July 11.  If you have never been part of a premiere production before it is very exciting to bring a show to life for the very first time.   TWO – You can come and see this Brand New Show!  There will be two public performances July 10 at 6:30, and July 11 at 2:30.

For information, registration, or tickets call 848-8623 ex.1 or go to our  DreamWrights also has 21 other, equally exciting, Summer Theatre Camp opportunities available on our website.  Camps run from June 22 – August 14.


You Could Be Part of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Summers are a busy time at DreamWrights.  The theatre is always bustling, with camps and shows nearly every daylight hour and many of the evening ones.  Theatre Under the Trees is my contribution to that activity and I’m very excited about this year’s show: Twelfth Night.  Twelfth Night tells the story of shipwrecked twins, focusing on Viola as she searches for a safe haven and falls in love with the Duke Orsino, who she has come to work for.  Viola finds herself disguised as a boy, running errands for Orsino, trying to convince the Lady Olivia that Olivia should listen to Orsino’s pleas of love, when Orsino’s love is what Viola wants to reserve for herself.  Once you mix in the other members of Olivia’s household:  her cousin, his gullible friend, the steward, servants and Feste, the fool, who sings both merry and melancholy tunes for both Lord and Lady, you get a play that catapults you from one silliness to the next.

Twelfth Night may well be my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays to direct.  The story is straightforward, there aren’t a lot of extraneous characters and the mischief and misunderstandings have so much comic potential.

If you aren’t familiar with Theatre Under The Trees, we are a touring show, taking our performances to local parks.  It’s really a wonderful way to spend a summer evening.

Auditions will be held Tuesday, May 26 and Wednesday, May 27 at 6:00 p.m.  Ages 7-Adult may audition, and there is no advance preparation required. We need actors, singers, musicians and crew. Performances will be held July 24th through August 2nd.  Check the DreamWrights website for locations.

Michelle Denise Norton

Founder and Director, Theatre Under The Trees

Nancy Drew is Coming To DreamWrights

The cast and crew of NANCY DREW: GIRL DETECTIVE are anxiously preparing for their debut on May 14th.

What a joy it has been to work with this group of very talented teens!  They had their lines memorized well before hand and have started crafting their characterizations.  As we draw closer to getting on stage, the cast is becoming more comfortable with their blocking and look forward to nailing it down once the set is in place.

NANCY DREW promises to take the audience on a light mystery suitable for amateur detectives of all ages.  There will be chills and thrills, suspense and romance! Join Nancy and her closest gal pals, Bess and George, as they try to figure out what the theatre troupe out on the old Van Pelt estate is seeing.  Are they ghosts or life-size puppets and what are these creatures planning?  Hidden clues and a play within a play are all part of this delightful show.

Come and see for yourself what Nancy is facing.  Will you be able to solve the mystery before her?  The only way to find out is to buy your ticket to a performance on May 14th at 10:00 a.m., or May 15th & 16th at 2:30 or 6:30 p.m.

Nancy Drew Rehearsal Shot
Nancy Drew Rehearsal Shot
Nancy Drew Rehearsal Shot
Nancy Drew Rehearsal Shot
Nancy Drew Rehearsal Shot
Nancy Drew Rehearsal Shot

Rodd Robertson, Guest Director

Tickets are available at, by calling the office at 848-8623, or at the door.

Our First Day On the SET!

DSC_0240 DSC_0259 DSC_0255