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5 Great Stocking Stuffers You Can Only Find at DreamWrights


Gift giving for a loved one? A theatre kid? Someone who loves the arts? This holiday season, slip something unique and clever into their stocking. Here are the best of what you can only find at DreamWrights this holiday.





1. Wizard of Oz Ornaments – Whether you were in the show or watched it in the theatre or on TV, you will love to glitz up your Christmas tree with these sweet ornaments. Choose from the ruby slipper ($1.50 each) or one of the ball ornaments representing Dorothy, Tinman, Lion, and Scarecrow ($4 each). Heck,why not get a set?!



2. Flying Monkey – Who doesn’t need a Flying Monkey in their stuffed animal collection? These clever critters are hand crafted and are cute enough to put a smile on anyone’s face!  ($12 each)




3. Make a donation to DreamWrights in someone’s honor. Even better, do it as part of our current Yellow Brick Road Fundraiser (suggested amount $30), and leave your mark behind on our Yellow Brick wall!




4. Dorothy doll – These adorable gal pals are handmade with love. Add one to your Oz lover’s collection. And while you’re at it, pick up a friend for Dorothy: Toto, Tinman, Lion, Scarecrow, Glinda, a Tree, or a Munchkin or two. (prices range $12 – $20)


5. A DreamWrights Membership – It’s only $15 and lasts a year. Membership includes 10% off classes and camps. Punch your card with every show you see and your 7th is free! And, you’ll get a fabulous DreamWrights newsletter every quarter!


If these goodies don’t appeal to you, DreamWrights has an array of other Oz and winter themed gifts: stuffed snowballs, magnets, signs, blocks, ornaments, Jitterbugs, and more!

Sales are open before, during, and after performances of The Wizard of Oz, while supplies last.

Something for Everyone at DreamWrights’ Sale

Susan hat

If you happened by DreamWrights over the past week, you couldn’t help but notice the conglomeration of stuff: dresses, suits, uniforms, sewing machines, fabric, shoes, hats-a-plenty and sundries galore. Prior to the sale, the Facebook postings attracted a lot of attention. The sale did not disappoint, bringing in a record amount of income for DreamWrights.

But what was most remarkable about the sale, was the shoppers and browsers. Shoppers came from far and wide and from many different walks of life. And, with very different (and unique) buying criteria. As expected, a good number of shoppers came from regional theatres seeking costumes. People shopping for theatres in Scranton, Delaware, Hershey, and New Holland were among those rummaging.

A few were film makers looking for costumes for upcoming projects. There were people getting a jump on Halloween, brides looking for a deal, and a bunch of Cosplayers looking to fashion their favorite character. Reenactors found delight in our large selection of military uniforms for sale. Religious groups snatched up goodies for their productions. We even had people looking for dresses and accessories for retirement home glamour shots. But the award for most unique shopper must go to the people who were looking and bought a wedding dress for their pet llama on her special day.

llama wedding

I know right?! Why didn’tI think to buy my llama’s wedding dress at the DreamWrights sale, you ask?! Well, you’re in luck; we are having another costume and dress sale September 8 – 10. Please mark your calendar and keep your eyes peeled for more details as we get closer.