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DreamWrights’ Holiday Wish List


We’ve been good for goodness sake! This year, DreamWrights has taken the liberty of making a Christmas Wish List. We are hoping that Santa or his helpers might put a few of these new or gently used items under our tree (or drop them off at the box office). Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa!

New or gently used:
Bluetooth or plug-in-to-laptop speakers for use in rehearsals (to play sound from computers, tablets, phones)
Camcorder/ video camera
Digital camera
Ipad/tablet with camera
Laptop projector
Power strips
Camera tripod
Working electric pencil sharpeners

Corded Drills – Variable speed reversible
Cordless Drills (as long as the battery can hold a charge and the charger is included)
Grinder  – got an old one that just sits on the shelf in your basement? It would do DreamWrights a world of good!
Hand power tools
Staple guns & staples

6’ or taller stepladders/ ladders
Fabric scissors
Folders for scripts (with brads for 3 hole punched paper)
Latex Paint (1/2 cans or more)
MailChimp license
Music stands
Quiet games and activities for ages 7 and up
Sewing machines- in good working condition
Snow blower
Working flashlights (do not need to come with batteries)

Always need:
Crafting supplies
½” glue sticks
A. C. Moore gift cards
Jo-Ann Fabrics gift cards
Neutral colored thread
Sew on Velcro
Tape – any kind
Twine and String

Office supplies
Black sharpies
“My Name Is” labels
Pencils (bonus: pre-sharpened)
Reams of white paper (with our without holes)
Rolls of postage stamps
Yellow highlighters

3” Drywall Screws
5 Gallon buckets
Duct tape

Batteries (all types –not car batteries, obviously!)
Blue light bulbs
Lowes gift cards
Glow tape
Masking tape (any and all width)
New mops and brooms
New tires for the van
Clip lights
Playdoh for the Sensory Friendly performance guests
Short mic/ audio cables (ask Bob for details)


Burn This

20180810 Burn This (21)

A Public Service Announcement from Bob T. Builder.

It’s fire pit time in the York area and what is your best source for wood? Why DreamWrights, of course! We are making room for the renovations and are clearing out a lot of our shorter lumber. Just imagine yourself sitting around the backyard fire and reaching for a piece of 1×4 that may have been in Seussical, Ann of Green Gables or perhaps the legendary Annie. Ah! The memories! Reminds me of that old country song. “Throw Another Memory on the Fire”.
And with winter coming up you should be stocking kindling for the wood stove.

Did you know that you can do more with wood than just burn it?! People have been known to make blocks and toys from theater shop scraps.

So bring a big box and visit the basement Scene Shop. You will find several bins roughly in the middle of the basement with a sign, “Burn this”.

20180810 Burn This (8)

Contact Bob T. if you have any questions or need help.

This will be a big service to DreamWrights. If we can’t send this off to be burned, we might have to rent a dumpster, and you know we have better things to do with our money!

Creating New Active Work Space

Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped with our ongoing project to turn storage space (estimated to be 50-75% of our current square footage) into active work space for our volunteers and programs.

Scene Sh

Our new shop space will allow storage of tools nearer the stage and easier access to  several power saws, allowing for quicker adjustments to lumber lengths. This was made possible by several recent donations of tools, allowing us to stock two shops.  The basement shop will still remain the focus of set construction when there is another show on stage. But now all of our carpenters will grow fat because they no longer have to run into the basement every time they need to make a cut. The largest new  item is a radial arm saw given by Dave H. Thank you!

Other projects include the ongoing organization and cleaning of the basement by persons unknown.  And a few known (kids from the past several shows) who are taking apart unneeded items to reuse the materials on future sets and free up space for construction and painting.

On the third floor Jacob S. and Corinthia K. with a little help from Amber S. and Paige G. are organizing, cleaning, labeling, mapping and prioritizing props.  Sending numerous items to the basement for disassembly and reuse.

Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers!

Bob T. Builder
Technical Director